Pregnancy, Mums and Babies

Pregnancy, Mums & Babies

Lower Leg & Foot Pamper 30 mins £35.50
A nourishing foot soak, exfoliation and massage for the lower legs and feet. Helps relieve water retention and aches

Specialised Pregnancy Massage 20-30mins £35.00, 1hr £55.50
After the first trimester ease your back ache, oedema, sciatica, indigestion and insomnia

Thalgo Tummy Facial 75 mins £55
Banish stress with a combination of an upper back, neck and head massage with a facial for your tummy to hydrate and improve the skins elasticity.

Mums to be package 1hr 30 mins £60
Express facial with traditional pedicure

Head and Foot package 1hr £50.50
De-stress with a scalp, neck shoulder massage with hands and feet

Thalgo stretch mark treatment 20-30 mins £20-30
Hydrates, lifts, smoothes and refines the skin vastly improving the skin condition and appearance of pigmentation and stretch marks

Thalgo Pregnancy Ritual 1hr £55.50
Time for you to rebalance, unwind and feel rejuvenated with this facial and body treatment

Baby Massage Instruction

It is part of many cultures for thousands of years. It is an art which encourages loving communication between parents and their child, by encouraging positive physical contact. Bonding and stimulating of a child’s development. Massage stimulates baby’s circulation, soothes, comforts and promotes relaxation. Aiding digestion and elimination whilst encouraging joint mobility & promoting emotional security.

Options are:
£15.00 per mum or dad per class 30-60 minutes approx. depending on child
3 or 4 mums or dads together £12.00 each
1 to 1 course– both parents welcome together, 2 classes, follow up & review £40-60.