Male Grooming

Waxing/ trimming

Waxing & Trimming

Full chest including stomach                                           £24.50

Full Back or Chest including top of shoulders & biceps  £24.50

Full Leg and speedo line                                              £40-45.00

Eyebrow wax/ Trim                                                           £10

Ear & Nose Trim                                                               £10

Just Pectorals or  stomach or half back £18.00

Other area waxing  £ POA

Body Hair Trimming – alternative to waxing. Trim hair to look neater or thinner 15 mins £10.00

 Wish List/ Reminder services


A wish list service for your loved ones is available- drop the form into the salon, text/ whats app to the mobile no 07798922308 or email the information to us prior and we can help you with your gift

Reminder service is also available please contact us with your details

Traditional Swedish massage

Back, neck and shoulders 20-30 mins £26.50-30.00 45 mins £45.50               Full body 1 hour £52.50

Lymphatic drainage ____ Helps speed up the body’s natural waste removal system to promote health and well being. 20-30 mins £35.00 Full body £55.00

Aromatherapy_______30 mins £31. 70 mins £50.00 Generally lighter massage techniques with the use of essential oils Deep tissue massage 20-30 mins £35 45mins £50

Hot stone massage Create a feeling of balance and harmony with a unique warming sensation. Back neck and shoulders 30 mins £40.00 Full body 1hr £65.00

Bamboo massage Chinese massage techniques using bamboo to provide a deep muscular tissue massage. Back neck and shoulder 30 mins £40.00

Deep Thermal Massage _____ ___30 mins £40.00 Warming therapy using a compress which is warmed creating deep manipulations to relax and soothe aching muscles and rebalance the body

Indian Head Massage 20-40 mins £30-40.00 Massage of the head, face, neck and shoulders, helps stress, clears sinus, reduce migraines, helps sleep

Reflexology 40-60 mins £40-50.00 Holistic therapy that treats the whole body through reflex points on the feet

Hopi Ear Candling 30-40 mins £30.00 Reduce wax build up, improves tension, migraines, snoring, colds, flu, blocked sinuses. Courses available


Hands, Feet & Face Treatments

Sports Pedicure– maintain healthy feet, treat cuticles and hard skin 45 mins £30-32.00

Speedy Manicure/ Pedicure– 3 key concerns  £18-20.00

Gents Manicure– well groomed hands £20-22.00

Energising Face Rescue                            £40.00 Invigorating express treatment to clarify, hydrate and refreshingly deep cleanse

Dual Action Face Treatment     50-60 Mins £50-60 Incorporating a face, neck and shoulder massage to help remove tension whilst treating your pacific skin concerns

Relaxing Scalp treatment       20-30 mins £25-30 Aromatic treatment to remove dead skin cells enhancing circulation to improve hair growth and scalp condition

Deep cleansing Back Purifying Treatment  40-50 mins £38-55

Teenagers- Flash exfoliation   20-30 mins £25-35 Super cleansing treatment to help remove and clear breakouts

Power steam and Blackhead Zap  20-30 mins £25.00