Massage and Body Treatments


Traditional Swedish massage

Back, neck and shoulders:

  • 20-30 mins £26.50 -30.00
  • 45 mins £45.50
  • Full body 1 hour £52.50

Lymphatic drainage

Helps speed up the body’s natural waste removal system to promote health and well being.

  • 20-30 mins £35.00
  • Full body £55.00


Generally lighter massage techniques with the use of essential oils.

  • 30 mins £31.
  • 70 mins £50.00

Deep tissue massage

  • 20-30 mins £35
  • 45mins £50

Hot stone massage

Create a feeling of balance and harmony with a unique warming sensation.

  • Back neck and shoulders 30 mins £40.00
  • Full body 1hr £65.00

Bamboo massage

Chinese massage techniques using bamboo to provide a deep muscular tissue massage.

  • Back neck and shoulder 30 mins £40.00

Deep Thermal Massage

Warming therapy using a compress which is warmed creating deep manipulations to relax and soothe aching muscles and rebalance the body.

  • 30 mins £40.00

Indian Head Massage

Massage of the head, face, neck and shoulders, helps stress, clears sinus, reduce migraines, helps sleep.

  • 20-40 mins £30-40.00


Holistic therapy that treats the whole body through reflex points on the feet.

  • 40-60 mins £40-50.00

Hopi Ear Candling

Reduce wax build up, improves tension, migraines, snoring, colds, flu, blocked sinuses. Courses available.

  • 30-40 mins £32.00

Deeply Nourishing Cream Massage

Soothe feelings of tightness and discomfort and leave skin feeling soft, supple and velvety smooth.

  • 60 mins £65.00
  • Facial and Body Ritual 105 minutes £120.00

Body Rituals

Pampering Face and Back Treatment 1hr 15 mins £75.50                                           Essential Beauty prescription facial with a stress relief back massage to beat tension and help you restore the feeling of well being

Rebalancing Back treatment 40-50 mins £38-55                                                               Your hard to reach area cleansed, polished, refreshed and remove tension. Incredible benefits of seaweed for problem skins and help to regulate sebum production.

Thalgo Spa Face and Body Ritual 2 hours £75.00                                                             An escape begins with an azure water foot bath followed by a conditioning and toning body scrub to eliminate dead skin cells then an intensive nourishing massage. For the face a cleansing ritual adapted for your skin type will immerse you in an aquatic cocoon of relaxation

Exotic Island Body Ritual 60 mins £60.50                                                                              A full body treatment leaving you feeling rejuvenated and mindfully in the moment of unwinding. Starting with a fragrant body scrub followed by massage techniques to release tension, detoxify the body and allow your mind to escape.

Spa Marine Hot Stone Body & Face Ritual                                                                        100 mins £125 Face & back 1 hr £80.00                                                                               For total well being and indulgence. Starting with an express facial following with a full body exfoliation then massage using hot stones to ease away tension and skin regains its luminosity