Massage, Holistic and Body Treatments


Bespoke Expert Massage                                                                                                                                  Whether you’ve come to relax or focus on problem areas. I combine my knowledge over the years and massage skills in Aromatherapy, Swedish, Deep tissue remedial, Lymphatic drainage and Hands Free to customise your own massage, specifically for your needs incorporating the pressure you prefer. Also helps you to deal with related problems of tension, disturbed sleep, exhaustion and headaches

  • 25 mins-
  • 35 mins
  • 50 mins
  • 60 mins
  • 75 mins

Hot stone massage

Create a feeling of balance and harmony with a unique warming sensation.

  • Back neck and shoulders 30 mins 
  • Full body 1 hour 

Bamboo massage

Chinese massage techniques using bamboo to provide a deep muscular tissue massage.

  • Back neck and shoulder 30 mins 

Indian Head Massage

Massage of the head, face, neck and shoulders, helps stress, clears sinus, reduce migraines, helps sleep.

  • 20-40 mins 

Holistic Treatments

Essential beauty Holistic massage facial – basic skin care, not results driven, focus on massage, Relaxing 

Gua Sha Massage facial- Rose quartz soothing and calming facial 

Thai Foot massage 

Thai Compress massage 

Crystal Therapy relaxing full body massage 1 hour 30 mins 


Holistic therapy that treats the whole body through reflex points on the feet.

  • 40-60 mins 

Body Massage Rituals

Pampering Face and Back Treatment 1 hour 15 mins                                                                               Essential Beauty Holistic facial with a stress relief back massage to beat tension and help you restore the feeling of well being

Re balancing Back treatment 45-50 mins                                                                                                     Your hard to reach area cleansed, polished, refreshed and remove tension. Incredible benefits of seaweed for problem skins and help to regulate sebum production.

Spa Face and Body Ritual 1 hour 45 mins                                                                                                     An escape begins with an azure water foot bath followed by a conditioning and toning body scrub to eliminate dead skin cells then an intensive nourishing massage. For the face a cleansing ritual adapted for your skin type will immerse you in an aquatic cocoon of relaxation

Exotic Island Body Ritual 60 mins                                                                                                                    A full body treatment leaving you feeling rejuvenated and mindfully in the moment of unwinding. Starting with a fragrant body scrub followed by massage techniques to release tension, detoxify the body and allow your mind to escape.

Spa Marine Hot Stone Body & Face Ritual  100 mins or Face & back 1 hr                                                    For total well being and indulgence. Starting with an express facial following with a full body exfoliation then massage using hot stones to ease away tension and skin regains its luminosity