Here at Essential Beauty I offer a wide variety of services, all of which are conducted by trained professionals in a calm and private environment.

Other services we provide not listed on the price list are:

  • We accept cards and cash but unfortunately no cheques sorry!
  • If you wish to send payment via Internet Banking please let us know in advance before your appointment is due for arrangements.
  • Gift wrapping and Gift Boxes available
  • Senior Citizens Discount everyday, available on certain treatments
  • Gift Vouchers-for treatments, products and perfume creation
  • Wish list service can be set up for you or your partner to be either a reminder or so that the other person knows what you would like to receive
  • Treatment plans can be prepared for you individually tailored to your needs
  • Private Detox Plan tutoring is available for serious detoxer
  • After care advise slips are free and are given as important advise for your care and to continue a positive outcome to your treatment. Please follow these recommendations, they are for your benefit thank you
  • After care products are available for clients to continue at home
  • A selection of drinks are offered- temporarily postponed during covid 19- you are welcome to bring your own.
  • Essential Beauty own fragrances are available and ready prepared
  • For pedicures please bring your open toed shoes to your appointment to give your polish longer to dry. Removal of old polish prior to arriving to your appointment means that we can spend more time in your treatment focusing on what you need i.e extra cuticle work, more massage!
  • Offers are available
  • Plan your escape for a moments peace and relaxing with spa ritual treatments
  • Honeymoon and Anniversary Couples treats available
  • Little Miss treatments for up to 12 years old
  • Loyalty and membership scheme available
  • Savers Card available to save each visit for your products or treatments. You can budget for your items at what ever you feel you would like to save from £1
  • Treatment timings are for guidance only and are approximate. Please make your therapist know if you need to leave by a certain time. Unfortunately we can not reduce the price to reflect this as we have allocated the correct time at booking. Please be aware if you arrive late, the length of the appointment will have to be shortened in consideration of the next person.
  • Treatments of over £40/ packages may require at time of booking via card, a non refundable deposit to secure the bookings. Refunded if 48 hours notice given.
  • Cancellation policy. Please give 24 hours notice for all cancellations. All appointments are made in good faith, but please understand that if you forget or cancel your appointment without giving me enough notice, I miss the chance to fill that appointment and my clients miss the opportunity to enjoy a treatment. So if you do need to re-arrange, I require at least 24 hours notice. Cancellations without 24 hours will be charged at 50% of the treatment(s) booked. Missed appointments will be charged at 100% You can cancel by phone, voicemail, text, email. If courses are booked in advance and appointments are missed or cancelled late, that treatment will be lost.
  • Covid 19 policy reviewed please contact straight away if have covid symptons and theres no problem to cancel short notice
  • Mobile phones- please keep on silent during treatments

Thank you

External Voucher Redemption

I except other vouchers from

  • Spafinder
  • Perfume Studio
  • Perfume creation experience via virgin experience, red letter days, into the blue, please check company with me first as the centres do change and it will depend on validation available.

When you are ready to book an appointment with me for your treatment or activity please ensure you are able to give your voucher information to me at time of booking. This will be:

  • Voucher code/ number/ serial number
  • Pin and product code if it has one
  • CCV number if it has one
  • Expiry date
  • If there is any other codes present on the print out or voucher or card please include these too as they will help speed up the process of locating your voucher

YOU MUST still always bring your voucher/card/ print outs with you to the appointment as these have to be sent off in the post to the voucher company when you have visited. If you attend WITHOUT your voucher/card/print out with your voucher information on, you WILL BE required to pay via cash or card for the full current price of the activity/treatment

YOU MUST TELL ME YOU HAVE A VOUCHER PRIOR TO COMING ON BOOKING and pass on the required voucher (above) information, that you would like to use at your appointment, otherwise if you arrive and hand me your voucher/card that hasn’t been validated prior then you will be required to make full payment via cash or card on arrival.

The reason for this is:                                                                                       On some occasions it can take a week (sometimes abit longer depending on circumstances) to get your voucher/codes validated so if you could ensure i receive the information easily, fully (see above) and with out delay, it would be appreciated so I can secure your appointment simply and promptly.

By sending me all your voucher information together at once then it means it saves us all valuable time to and fro texts/calls/emails backwards and forwards to retrieve the information (needed to locate your voucher on their records) from you to me and the voucher companies that i need to apply for approval from the external companies. I don’t receive the funds from the external voucher companies until you have actually been to your appointment, so its not for this reason, its an approval that MUST BE MET PRIOR to coming

I must have been given the chance to validate the voucher at least 7 working days prior to coming to the appointment other you will need to pay for price on the current price list for the treatment or activity.

If you are not able to give me these details i can not complete the booking and I can not guarantee your appointment offered so I will have offer it to another person or your appointment will be cancelled.

If you do not show for your booked appointment or haven’t given me appropriate notice of cancellation then you may be charged a fee payable to this salon in order to re-book your activity with this salon.

I do have a duty to inform the voucher company of non attendance and they may mark your voucher as used on their system. I don’t receive any funds for your experience in the case of non attendance so it is a lose of business and stops other customers from having an appointment with me. So the reinstatement of a voucher is down to the discretion of the voucher company not to my salon. Please see above for non attendance /no notice re-booking with this salon.

Thank you for your understanding and assistance in this matter