Fragrances for Ladies & Gents

Our sense is perhaps the most neglected of our five senses.
It is easy for us to take our senses of smell for granted because we exercise it involuntarily, as we breathe, we smell. Memories and association have a close connection. We will only truly like a perfume that contains odours that have positive associations.
Molecules of fragrance are carried to the receptors and when sufficient are stimulated and sends a signal to the brain.

All of the blends have been created by one of the worlds leading perfumers.  The ingredients to produce perfumes are of exceptional quality. During the consultation you will sample a range of individual perfume blends, reserving your favourites as you progress.  When you have decided on the favoured blends they are blended to fill a stunning atomiser in a beautiful gift box.

Group Scent events or Perfume Parties are ideal for groups of people looking for a different activity or event that is unique and rewarding. Birthday Parties, Hen Parties and weddings. We can tailor make an event or party to your requirements please ask Kelly

Corporate or Team Building entertainment for businesses who are looking to reward or entertain and bring their staff together

A great gift for any occasion, gift vouchers provided for any of the following sessions

Fragrance Bar or Taster session 30 mins available

Fragrance creation  we will blend your chosen fragrance for you to take away with you.

Options available:

Fragrance creation and consultation for 1 person, 5ml bottle £49
Fragrance creation and consultation for 1 person, 20ml Coloured Spray £59
Fragrance creation and consultation for 2 people, 5ml bottle each £98 for both
Fragrance creation and consultation for 2 people, 20ml coloured spray each £118 for both