Hair Removal


Using PhD disposable warm honey or crème wax

Full Leg £28.00
3/4 Leg £24.50
Half Leg £19.50
Half Arm £18.50
Full Arm £22.50
Under arm £12.50
Stomach £10.00-12.00

Lip & Chin £18.50
Lip or chin £10.00
Sides of Face £10.50
Eyebrow wax £12.50
Bikini £16.00
Extended bikini 18.50
Thong £23.00
Brazilian £28.00
Full Buttocks £15.00

Male waxing please refer to men’s page

Wax pack- half leg, standard bikini and under arm £45.00
Full Leg & bikini £40.00

Hot Wax for Intimate Areas
Ideal for removing stubborn course hairs & for sensitive areas
Half leg £22.00
Lip & Chin £20.00
Eyebrow £13.50
Bikini £18.00
Thong £25.00
Brazilian £32.00
Hollywood £34.00
Butt crack £11.50

Electrolysis for hair removal
Council Registered
Hair removal using a disposable needle and a current to cause destruction in the hair follicle.              Advanced Electrolysis Level
First time clients to EB-Consultation and Test patch test- £20.00

10 mins £17.00
15 mins £20.00
20 mins £28.00
30 mins £36.00

First time Essential Beauty clients are required to have a consultation and a test patch performed before I can offer a treatment of 15 mins or longer. Please allow a 20-30 minute appointment slot for this first visit.

Diathermy- shortwave method that destroys the hair follicle by heat or electro coagulation
Blend Method- dual action combination method for destroying hair growing cells. Ideal for larger areas needing treatment and in treating deep course hair follicles.

Courses available on request and for treatment plans

I offer Thalgo Hair retardant solutions for after salon treatment or home care application along with home care sizes of PhD after wax or Apres tinted or clear antiseptic cream,  Aloe Vera or Witch Hazel gels to ensure optimum home care, following all hair removal treatments

Threading – Less pull on the skin hair removal using disposable cotton techniques.

15-30 mins

Lip or chin £10.00

Lip & chin £16.50

Sides of Face £10.00

Eyebrow tidy £12.50