Seasonal Advice


Book your appointment for your personalised Winter Skin Journey. Spend some time having a Skin Chat with me, to plan the journey for your skin concerns and to identify the right products.

This is the perfect time to increase your professional regime through the use of peels and high grade exfoliations.

Make bespoke changes to your home care routine and expert skin treatments to support and reach your skin needs and gain an overall healthier and youthful looking skin.


As the weather hots up!

For Sun care advice on moles, skin cancers and related advice visit

Don’t forget to cover up young children’s skins too- prevention is better than cure!

UVA Ray penetrates to the dermis UVB rays are shorter and penetrate to epidermis

UVA is the same intensity all year round so protection is needed

A Broad spectrum protection means it covers you for UVA & UVB rays- All Dermalogica products are Broad Spectrum

A physical sunscreen which contains Titanium Dioxide or Zinc Oxide is suitable for a sensitive skin

If you have one product that contains an SPF in doesn’t mean you don’t need any other product with an SPF in. By having two or more products that contain an SPF means you are more than likely achieving a satisfactory level of protection for the skin due to application techniques and spreading coverage of the product.

For all hair removal clients i.e. waxing and electrolysis, please avoid letting the sun on the area for at least 48 hours prior and after your procedure so it doesn’t cause the skin to become over heated, sensitive and sore. This includes even small areas like lip and eyebrows, even if its for a short amount of time in the sun just in the car for a 5 minute journey!