For the Hands:

Nail shaping £10

  • with Nail vitamins/ strengthener £13
  • with colour polish £15

Nail shape, cuticles, with nail vitamins/ strengthener. No polish £20

  • with heated mitts £23.50

Nail shaping, cuticles and colour polish applied £20.00

  • french finish £23.00

Full Traditional Manicure, inc massage, nail strengthener, shape, cuticles.

  • No colour £22.00
  • With colour polish £27
  • french finish £30

Ultimate Full traditional Manicure, inc as above and massage and luxury paraffin wax mask.

  • no colour, just strengthener/clear £30
  • With colour polish £32
  • with french polish finish £34.50

Hard working Hands manicure, inc intensive scrub, hard skin filing, massage, mitts, shape and cuticles.

  • no colour just strengthener/oil/vitamins £30
  • with colour polish £34
  • with french finish £36.50


Shellac and OPI gel polish

Shape, cuticle and choice of gel polish applied

Coloured polish on Fingers £26.50 French Finish  £28.50
Coloured Polish on Toes £28.00 French Finish £32.50

Full Traditional Manicure and Pedicure with Shellac/ Gel polish

prices below includes nail shaping, cuticles, exfoliation (feet), hard skin removal (feet), massage
Full Shellac/OPI Pedicure £45
Full Shellac/ OPI Manicure £40

Only gel applied by essential beauty can be removed by us £11.00
We unfortunately do not remove other brands or gels or same brand applied by another therapist/ salon

Single nail repair £4

Eyes and Brows

Eyes & Brows- Great emphasis- beautiful eyes

For your safety- A patch test is required for all new clients even if you have had tinting previously elsewhere

Eyebrow Tint £10.00
Eyelash Tint £14.00
Lash & Brow Tint £22.00
Eyebrow shape-wax/ tweezers  £10.00
Eyebrow Threading £9.50
Eyelash Lifting- Perming       30.00
Eyelash Perm & Tint  £40.00

Patch test is a must for all new clients

Eyelash Extensions- Natural or red carpet glamour!

Full set– for everyday or party wear £74.00

Half set—natural look half set £48.50

Corner flicks –flirty, eyes look bigger £40.50 Professional Removal £11.00

Infills 1-2 weeks/ 30 mins £26.00 2-3 weeks/ 45 mins £36.00 3-4 weeks/ 60 mins £46.00

For the Feet

Nail Tidy/ Trim £8-11.50

Re-varnish £11.50

Nail Trim and vitamin drops/ Oil £14.50

Shape/Trim and Colour/French £18.00/21.50

Shape, cuticle with vitamin drops/ Oil £20.00

Shape, cuticle & Colour or French £20/23.00

Traditional Full Pedicure no Colour £30 Traditional Full Pedicure with Colour £33 Traditional Full Pedicure with French Finish £36

Upgrade to Ultimate Intensive treatment to make skin super soft. Beneficial for arthritis and joint stiffness Add extra £7.00

Nourishing Warm Mitts/ Booties Add extra £3.00

Diamond Super Hard Skin Full Pedicure soak, scrub, cuticles, mechanical hard skin removal, super moisturizing balm, heated booties

no Colour £47 Colour £50 French £53

Hard Skin Only Treatment 40 mins £25.00

Hair Removal

Hair Removal

Waxing & Sugaring

Using PhD warm wax and strip sugaring available on request. Prices the same

Full Leg £26.00

3/4 Leg £22.00

Half Leg £18.00

Half Arm £18.00

Full Arm £22.00

Under arm  £12.00

Stomach £10.00-12.00

Lip & Chin £15.00

Lip or chin £8.50

Sides of Face £9.50

Eyebrow wax £10.00

Bikini £12.50

Thong £16.00

Brazilian £22.00

Full Buttocks £15.00

Male waxing please refer to mens page

Wax pack- half leg, standard bikini and under arm £38.00

Full Leg & bikini £35.00

Hot Wax for intimate areas

Hot Wax for Intimate Areas

Ideal for removing stubborn course hairs & for sensitive areas

Half leg £20.00
Lip & Chin £17.00
Eyebrow £11.50
Bikini £14.50
Thong £18.00

Brazilian £28.00

Hollywood £30.50

Butt crack £11.50



Council Registered

Hair removal using a disposable needle and a current to cause destruction in the hair follicle. Advanced Electrolysis Level

Minimum 5 mins £12.50   10 mins £15.00
15 mins £17.00
20 mins £20.00
25 mins £24.00
30 mins £27.00

First time Essential Beauty clients are required to have a consultation and a test patch performed before I can offer a treatment of 15 mins or longer. Please allow a 20-30 minute appointment slot for this first visit.

Diathermy- shortwave method that destroys the hair follicle by heat or electro coagulation

Blend Method- dual action combination method for destroying hair growing cells. Ideal for larger areas needing treatment and in treating deep course hair follicles.

Courses available on request

I offer Thalgo Hair retardant solutions for after salon treatment or home care application along with home care sizes of PhD after wax or  Aloe Vera or Witch Hazel to ensure optimum home care, following all hair removal treatments


Threading – Less pull on the skin Hair removal using disposable cotton techniques. 15-30 mins

Lip or chin £8.50 Lip & chin £15.00 Sides of Face £8.50 Eyebrow tidy £10.00


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Dermalogica skin care facials

Achieving the Dermalogica EXPERT Salon Status year after year.

In total Kelly has over 20 years experience with Dermalogica products.

Advanced Face Mapping– In-depth Skin Analysis/scanner, Digital Hydration Levels Monitor £20 or free with any skin treatment.

Skin Product Lesson for you to try the products you need on your skin and get hands on to use them correctly £30/40

Expert Skin Consultation-Homecare product recommendations & regimen.Not a skin treatment 30-60 mins £40-£70

Expert Skin Journey Planning- includes 1st skin health treatment, product prescription recommendations & home routine, onward treatment schedule. Analysis & Advise. Ideal first time session. 1.5hr £110 /2hrs £140/ 2.5hrs £200

Skin Solver  ——10 minute flash treatment to focus on a skin concern or add to another treatment like a manicure. Short professional boost treatment £15

Pro Skin Health 30–— Professional treatment customised around your concerns and lifestyle. Allow 30 mins £40

Pro Skin Health 60——- Professional treatment designed for your individual needs with extra modules and amplifying modalities to give your skin maximum benefits. Different every time if needed. Allow 60 mins £70

Advanced Expert Treatment—-A powerful specialised bespoke programme for regular clients on specific customised skin journey for optimum results. Not available until Therapist recommendation/ prescribed only. Patch Test Required. 30/ 60/ 90 mins  £45/ 80/100

Pro Power Peel………….Your customised strongest and fastest peel for deep exfoliation features a full suite of peel products, including Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs), Beta Hydroxy Acids (BHAs) and Trichloroacetic Acid (TCA).  Targets lines, wrinkles, uneven pigmentation or breakouts. 60 minute incorporates deep powerful Ion active serum, masque and LED therapy with optional hand/ foot/ scalp massage.  Advanced Therapist prescribed only to effectively address your concerns, early signs of aging/fine lines/wrinkles to uneven pigmentation/ skin tone and breakouts/acne.                                                 Patch Test required prior 30/60 mins £75/125

Clear start for teenagers 20-30 £35 40-45 mins £45.50 Bring back balance, take on issues and protect for better looking skin. Includes home care plan, extractions and mini massage if needed.

Super Anti Ageing Lifting & Collagen Radiance Facial  60-75 mins £70. Give your skin a collagen boost and correct the first signs of ageing. Intensely moisturise and skin becomes super smooth and radiant.

Pregnancy, Mums & Babies

Lower Leg & Foot Pamper      30 mins   £35.50 

A nourishing foot soak, exfoliation and massage for the lower legs and feet. Helps relieve  water retention and aches

Specialised Pregnancy Massage   20-30mins £35.00        1hr £55.50    

After the first trimester ease your back ache,     oedema, sciatica, indigestion and insomnia


Thalgo Tummy Facial            75 mins £55                     

Banish stress with a combination of an upper back, neck and head massage with a facial for your tummy to hydrate and improve the skins elasticity.

Mums to be package            1hr 30 mins £60

Express facial with traditional pedicure

Head and Foot package                         1hr £50.50

De-stress with a scalp, neck shoulder massage with hands and feet

Thalgo stretch mark treatment     20-30 mins £20-30  

Hydrates, lifts, smoothes and refines the skin vastly improving the skin condition and             appearance of pigmentation and stretch marks

Thalgo Pregnancy Ritual               1hr     £55.50   

Time for you to rebalance, unwind and feel      rejuvenated  with this facial and body treatment

Baby Massage Instruction 

It is part of many cultures for thousands of years. It is an art which            encourages loving communication between parents and their child, by encouraging positive physical contact. Bonding and stimulating of a child’s development. Massage stimulates baby’s circulation, soothes, comforts and promotes    relaxation. Aiding digestion and  elimination whilst encouraging joint mobility & promoting emotional security.

Options are:

£15.00 per mum or dad per class 30-60 minutes approx depending on child  

3 or 4 mums or dads together £12.00 each

1 to 1 course– both parents welcome together,  2 classes,  follow up & review £40-60.     

Specialised  Facials

Micro current firming     facial 1hr          £70.00                                       Relax whilst this facial improves skin tone and texture with a small amount of current (completely painless). This speeds up cellular activity promoting regeneration whilst educating and toning muscle fibres reducing and smoothing fine lines.  Courses available

LED Therapy                         30 mins £30.00                                              Non-invasive, powerful therapy to encourage the body to begin to heal itself. Helps to rejuvenate, calm and soothes acne, has an antiseptic,       germicidal effect, great for eczema, treats  pigmentation, lifts the mood, relaxes muscles and promotes new   collagen production which is anti ageing. Customised for your own needs

Diamond micro-dermabrasion  30 mins £40.00                                       Deep exfoliation to help improve texture,  blackheads, blemish/ acne scarring, open pores and refine facial lines. Immediate visible results

Other Facials

Essential Beauty Signature Prescription facial 40-50 mins £50-60 An individually customised skin care treatment with specialist massage techniques to target a combination of skin care concerns. More holistic and pampering than Pro skin Health facials overleaf.

Mini Illuminating Beauty Flash 30 mins £45 The ultimate Express Face and Eye treatment using the Thalgo Eye Massage Mask to instantly rejuvenate, reduce puffiness and dark circles

Add Thalgo Eye Massage Mask to any other treatment £15.00

Thalgo Eczema and Psoriasis Treatment 30 mins £45.50 With an effective burst of much needed minerals, vitamins and micro– nutrients. Especially designed to help alleviate and improve these skin conditions.


Traditional Swedish massage Back, neck and shoulders 20-30 mins £26.50-30.00 45 mins £45.50 Full body 1 hour £52.50

Lymphatic drainage Helps speed up the body’s natural waste removal system to promote health and well being. 20-30 mins £35.00 Full body £55.00

Aromatherapy 30 mins £31. 70 mins £50.00 Generally lighter massage techniques with the use of essential oils

Deep tissue massage 20-30 mins £35 45mins £50

Hot stone massage Create a feeling of balance and harmony with a unique warming sensation. Back neck and shoulders 30 mins £40.00 Full body 1hr £65.00

Bamboo massage Chinese massage techniques using bamboo to provide a deep muscular tissue massage. Back neck and shoulder 30 mins £40.00

Deep Thermal Massage 30 mins £40.00 Warming therapy using a compress which is warmed creating deep manipulations to relax and soothe aching muscles and rebalance the body

Indian Head Massage 20-40 mins £30-40.00 Massage of the head, face, neck and shoulders, helps stress, clears sinus, reduce migraines, helps sleep

Reflexology 40-60 mins £40-50.00 Holistic therapy that treats the whole body through reflex points on the feet

Hopi Ear Candling 30-40 mins £32.00 Reduce wax build up, improves tension, migraines, snoring, colds, flu, blocked sinuses. Courses available

Deeply Nourishing Cream Massage _60 mins £65.00 Facial and Body Ritual 105 minutes £120.00 Soothe feelings of tightness and discomfort and leave skin feeling soft, supple and velvety smooth.

Make overs

Make up Basic Make up applied 20- 30 mins £20-30.00

Special Occasion 1hr-1hr 30mins £50-65

Make up Trial/ Tuition 1hr 30 mins £ 60 –75

Wedding Make up on the day £48-60

Treatments for Men

Waxing & Trimming

Full chest including stomach                   £25.00
Full Back including top of shoulders & biceps  £25.00
Full Leg and speedo line  £40-45.00
Eyebrow wax/ Trim   £10-12.00
Ear & Nose Trim  £8- 10.00
Other area waxing  £ POA

MASSAGE TREATMENTS ARE AVAILABLE please refer to massage section

Hands, Feet & Face Treatments

Sports Pedicure– maintain healthy feet, treat cuticles and hard skin 45 mins £30-32.00

Speedy Manicure/ Pedicure– 3 key concerns  £18-20.00

Gents Manicure– well groomed hands £20-22.00

Energising Face Rescue                            £40.00 Invigorating express treatment to clarify, hydrate and refreshingly deep cleanse

Dual Action Face Treatment     50-60 Mins £50-60 Incorporating a face, neck and shoulder massage to help remove tension whilst treating your pacific skin concerns

Relaxing Scalp treatment       20-30 mins £25-30 Aromatic treatment to remove dead skin cells enhancing circulation to improve hair growth and scalp condition
Deep cleansing Back Purifying Treatment  40-50 mins £38-55
Teenagers- Flash exfoliation   20-30 mins £25-35 Super cleansing treatment to help remove and clear breakouts
Power steam and Blackhead Zap  20-30 mins £25.00

Body Rituals


Pampering Face and Back Treatment 1hr 15 mins £75.50 Essential Beauty prescription facial with a stress relief back massage to beat tension and help you restore the feeling of well being

Rebalancing Back treatment 40-50 mins £38-55 Your hard to reach area cleansed, polished, refreshed and remove tension. Incredible benefits of seaweed for problem skins and help to regulate sebum production.

Thalgo Spa Face and Body Ritual 2 hours £75.00 An escape begins with an azure water foot bath followed by a conditioning and toning body scrub to eliminate dead skin cells then an intensive nourishing massage. For the face a cleansing ritual adapted for your skin type will immerse you in an aquatic cocoon of relaxation

Exotic Island Body Ritual 60 mins £60.50 A full body treatment leaving you feeling rejuvenated and mindfully in the moment of unwinding. Starting with a fragrant body scrub followed by massage techniques to release tension, detoxify the body and allow your mind to escape .

Spa Marine Hot Stone Body & Face Ritual 100 mins £125 Face & back 1 hr £80.00 For total well being and indulgence. Starting with an express facial following with a full body exfoliation then massage using hot stones to ease away tension and skin regains its luminosity