Expert Skin treatments and Facials

Essential Beauty Customised Skin Health Facials (for a variety of concerns in the same skin treatment)

Skin Solver- not full facial                                                                                                                                 10 minute flash treatment to focus on a skin concern or add to another treatment like a manicure. Short professional boost treatment

Bespoke Mini Skin Health Facial                                                                                                                 Professional treatment customised around your concerns and lifestyle. Allow 30 mins

Bespoke Skin Health Facial   – Suggested 1st time treatment                                                                          Professional treatment designed for your individual needs with extra modules and amplifying modalities to give your skin maximum benefits. Different every time if needed. Allow 50-60 mins

Advanced Expert Skin Treatment and Professional Skin Peel– recommended by therapist after skin assessment during skin health facial completed and on a planned skin journey with Essential Beauty. Patch test needed prior as discussed with therapist

Essential Beauty Holistic Massage Facial                                                                                             Therapeutic relaxing and pampering, NOT results driven 40-50 mins

Skin Treatment for teenagers                                                                                                                          Bring back balance, take on issues and protect for better looking skin. Includes home care plan, extractions and mini massage if needed. Allow 30mins                                                                                  Skin starter and talk- Longer option 45/50 mins- treatment, product coaching and talk 

Eye Massage Mask to instantly rejuvenate, reduce puffiness and dark circles. Add to any other facial or treatment

Illuminating Eye or Lip Focus Treatment 

Advanced Targeted Results Facial-Program

Choose from the following for what you would like to pacifically treat or target in your facial. Program highly recommended. Patch test needed From- 30 mins /1 hour,  or Program

Calm, Bright, Firm or Clear

Essential Beauty Specialised Facials
Micro current firming facial                                                                                                                            Re-educates and tones muscles, stimulates collagen and elastin production reducing and smoothing fine lines. 60 mins Course available

LED Light Treatment  Non-invasive, powerful therapy to encourage the body to begin to heal itself. Helps to rejuvenate, calm and soothes acne, has an antiseptic, germicidal effect, great for eczema, treats pigmentation, lifts the mood, relaxes muscles and promotes new collagen production which is anti ageing. 30 mins 

Diamond micro-dermabrasion  Deep exfoliation to help improve texture, blackheads, blemish/ acne scarring, open pores and refine facial lines. Immediate visible results. 30 mins/ 60 mins 

Super Anti Ageing Lifting & Collagen Radiance Facial                                                                                  Give your skin a collagen boost and correct the first signs of ageing. Intense and super smoothing 60-75 mins   Course available